Seeing “flying ants” around your home? They may not be ants. Spring is the season of swarming termites, which look similar to winged ants but have a few distinct, physical differences: 2 pair of wings – equal in length, straight antennae, and a broad, joined waist. Winged termites are king and queen reproductive termites that leave the colony in search of a mate, usually in large numbers (swarms). They’re attracted to light and often seen by homeowners¬†around doors and windows.

diagram of a swarming termite

Flying ants, on the other hand, have 2 pairs of wings that differ in length, bent antennae, and a narrow waist.

diagram of a flying ant

If you’re seeing swarming termites, it’s an indication of a destructive termite colony nearby. Contact an exterminator for a home termite inspection so they can identify any areas of infestation and/or damage and provide you with termite treatment options.¬†Baiting systems, like Sentricon Always Active, are proven to eliminate entire colonies of termites. They also provide ongoing protection and are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional liquid soil termite treatments. Most baiting systems also come with a with lifetime repair coverage for your home.