One of the most common winter pests that come into our homes is the ladybug. While most people don’t think of them as harmful, ladybugs can exacerbate asthma symptoms and also cause allergic reactions. They also leave behind a yellow, foul-smelling fluid that stains anything it comes into contact with. Ladybugs seek warmth and shelter in the cold winter months under rocks and debris and inside homes and other buildings.

What can you do to keep these pests from getting into your house?

  • Repair any damaged screens on your doors and windows
  • Seal the cracks around your doors, windows, chimneys, siding, and fascia
  • If you find a ladybug inside your home, suck it up with your vacuum cleaner and then dump the bag in the trash. Seal your trash bag tightly and take it outside to the can
  • If you have a significant ladybug problem, you can contact a professional pest control company for an extensive evaluation and treatment plan