The colder weather of the winter months drives many pests to seek shelter, food, and water inside our homes. The most common of these pests are rodents. Raccoons, rats, mice, and squirrels are the most frequent winter visitors to our homes. What can you do to prevent these pests from taking up residence this winter? Check out these tips to prevent rodents this winter.

  1. Keep It Clean: Clean up any food and crumbs on a daily basis. Wipe down countertops and sweep or vacuum floors. Keep food in sealed containers, including pet food and birdseed.
  2. Tidy Up The Garage: Keep the garage neat and organized with boxes stored off the ground. Keep anything that might be a food source for rodents kept in sealed containers (such as plant bulbs or food).
  3. Keep Your Trash Sealed: Empty your trashcans regularly. Keep trashcans sealed tightly. If possible, use metal cans. If you have to use a plastic can, make sure it doesn’t have holes in it and replace if it does.
  4. Keep Your Home Up: Keep up with routine maintenance on your home. Make sure any openings that rodents can use to access your house are sealed. Use screens on attic vents, windows, and doors and replace them when they have holes or tears. Keep gutters cleared.
  5. Consult A Professional: Rodents can be difficult to get rid of. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, call a pest control professional or a wildlife professional who can evaluate your situation and provide you with a removal and prevention plan.