The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. Even though we’re in the heart of the winter season, there is still time to weatherproof your house and save some money in this new year. Check out these 6 easy tips to seal up your home this winter.

  • Insulate.  TAP insulation increases the efficiency of your heating and cooling system which helps regulate the temperature in your home. TAP can save you up to 38% on your energy bills each year. Besides the energy efficiency TAP provides, it also protects your home from pests and also contains a flame retardant which provides you with fire protection, as well.
  • Enclose. Enclosing your crawlspace with Complete CrawlSpace increases energy efficiency in your home, prevents mold growth, and completely closes off your crawlspace to pests. This can also save you up to 18% on your energy bills each year.
  • Seal. Use weatherstripping on doors and windows. Don’t forget your garage doors. Weatherstripping can be used at the base of garage doors to not only protect against cold air but also against rain and pests.
  • Decorate. Hardwood and tile floors can be especially cold in the winter. Curtains and rugs can make a big difference when it comes to heating your home. if you have drafty windows, hang some heavy curtains to keep the cold air out. Use area rugs on hardwood floors and in bathrooms with tile floors to help keep them warm.
  • Cover. Install a heavy duty polyethylene and vinyl cover that fits around the outside of the unit. You can also wrap the inside grill with plastic sheeting and double sided tape.
  • Regulate. Install a programmable thermostat which will automate your interior temperature. This can save you up to $200 per year in heating and cooling costs.