Some of the most common pollinators are also considered some of the biggest pests. Pollinators are animals and insects who transport pollen from one plant to another which allows them to reproduce. Pollinators are critical in the survival of many species of plants, fruits, and vegetables. Some of the most important pollinators include:

As you may have noticed from this list, most of these pollinators are what we consider to be pests should they get in or around our homes. How do you keep the balance between pest control and protecting the environment? It is important that while we should take steps to prevent them from invading our homes, we should be very careful with how we handle them should they make themselves at home in our area. If you suspect you have a problem with any of these pollinators, contact a professional pest control company who can give you a thorough evaluation and provide you with a treatment plan that both benefits you and protects these important species.