Spring is known as the season of rebirth – trees and plants bloom again, animals emerge from hibernation, and we start to notice the incessant buzz of insects. Spring also marks the start of termite swarming season! Termites swarming season starts when the weather warms up and becomes more humid – usually during spring and early summer. Swarming termites don’t cause damage to homes. Instead, their sole purpose is to reproduce and establish new colonies.

If you see swarming termites near your home it could signal one of two things: there is an existing colony near your home or your home is at risk for infestation by the newly hatched termite offspring. If you see winged termites in your home that is generally a sign that there is already an existing colony there.

What should you do if you spot a termite swarm nearby? Check out these 6 tips to prevent them from getting into your home.

  1. Have regular inspections done by a professional pest control company.
  2. Do regular inspections of the outside of your home and the subfloor of your home checking for wood damage and the presence of mud tubes. (Mud tubes are pencil-sized tunnels located around termite nests, wood structures, and concrete or stone foundations.)
  3. Repair any damaged roof tiles, soffits, and fascia on your home.
  4. Keep mulch away from your foundation as this retains water and the moisture can attract termites.
  5. Keep your basements, attics, and crawlspaces well ventilated and dry. Consider enclosing your crawlspace completely.
  6. Make sure gutters are clear of debris and downspouts are working to make sure water is diverted away from your home. Consider installing gutter guards to help prevent clogs.

If you suspect you have a termite problem, contact a professional pest control company who can thoroughly inspect your home and set you up with an appropriate treatment plan.