School’s out for summer and many of us are getting ready for our summer vacation. Summer is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical paradise or taking a long weekend in the mountains, whatever destination you choose has one thing in common: pests! Every location has its own share of pests that can plague your vacation plans. Some common travel pests include bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies, ants, rodents, and cockroaches. What can you do to prevent these pests from ruining your vacation plans? Check out these 5 tips to prevent pests while traveling this summer.

1. Do Some Research

Get online and look up which pests you are most likely to encounter at your vacation destination. Some locations, especially in the subtropics, may have travel warnings issued. Make sure to heed any warnings issued in relation to your vacation plans. Check out some reviews for your accommodations, as well. Many people will report issues with pests in their reviews.

2. Talk To Your Doctor

When your travel plans take you abroad and especially to subtropical locations you are more susceptible to insect-borne diseases like Zika and malaria. Check with your doctor before you travel to see if there are any vaccines you may need before you leave or any prescription medications you might need to take with you in case of an illness.

3. Use Insect Repellent

If you plan to spend any time outdoors while traveling, make sure to pack and use insect repellent. Apply it liberally to both exposed skin and on your clothing.

4. Check Out Your Accommodations

Once you arrive at your destination, check out your room for signs of pests like blood spots (bed bugs), droppings, and gnaw marks. Make sure to check around bed frames and mattresses, beside cabinets and other furniture, around baseboards and where the walls meet the floors, and bathrooms and kitchens, especially around drains and appliances.

5. Keep It Clean

We know the last thing you want to do on your vacation is waste time cleaning but taking a few precautionary measures can save you the headache of dealing with pests later. Clean up any spilled food and drink immediately. Throw away any uneaten food and don’t leave food and drink out in the open. Make sure to wipe down counters and other surfaces as often as you can. Empty your trash regularly.