Moisture under your home can lead to significant damage and pose serious health risks. Did you know there is one simple improvement you can make that can not only protect its structure, but also protect the health of your family and save you money all at the same time? Installing a moisture barrier can eliminate moisture in the crawlspace under your home and provide you with not only these benefits, but several others. Check out these 7 benefits to moisture barrier installation.

  1. Temperature regulation. Moisture in your crawlspace can affect the temperature inside your home, making it harder to keep a consistent temperature throughout the day. This puts extra strain on your HVAC system as it struggles to regulate temperatures. Installing a moisture barrier in your crawlspace eliminates this moisture, allowing your HVAC system to better maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day.
  2. Energy efficiency. As your HVAC system runs longer to maintain temperatures in your home, it uses more electricity, which causes your energy bills to increase. This extra work also puts additional wear and tear on your HVAC unit, leading to costly repairs and replacements sooner. Installing a moisture barrier seals your crawlspace, controlling the moisture levels and reducing the strain on your HVAC system. This leads to more energy efficiency and lower utility bills.
  3. Mold prevention. Increased moisture in your crawlspace is the perfect setting for mold and mildew growth. This mold can cause serious problems for your family’s health and can cause significant damage to your home. By installing a moisture barrier you can reduce the moisture in your crawlspace, helping to prevent mold and mildew from forming.
  4. Protecting your pipes. Water and utility pipes often run through your crawlspace. As moisture levels increase, they can cause these pipes to burst and break. Moisture barrier installation eliminates this excess moisture, helping protect your pipes and protect your wallet from costly repairs.
  5. Electrical hazards. Many of your home’s utility pipes run through your crawlspace, including those that house electrical wires. If these wires are exposed to moisture they can develop shorts, rust, and even catch on fire. Reducing the moisture in your crawlspace with a moisture barrier helps protect these wires and your home from the hazards of electricity.
  6. Structural integrity. Many of the structural components of your house are made of wood. Moisture in your crawlspace can lead to wood rot on these components. Damage to these structures can cause serious damage and excessive repair bills. By reducing the moisture in your crawlspace with a moisture barrier you can help prevent wood rot and preserve the structural integrity of your home.
  7. Pest control. Your crawlspace provides the ideal shelter and an abundant supply of water to pests and wildlife. By sealing the crawlspace completely with a moisture barrier, you eliminate this entry point for pests and other wildlife into your home.