Different seasons bring a new onslaught of pests trying to invade your home. As the season changes from the heat of summer to the cooler weather of fall, many pests seek shelter, warmth, and food inside our homes. Rodents, cockroaches, spiders, stink bugs, and ants are some of the most common fall pests. What can you do to prevent these pests from taking up residence inside your house over the winter? Check out these tips to prevent pests this fall.

  1. Store food in airtight containers.
  2. Keep kitchens clean of crumbs and empty trash often.
  3. Sweep and vacuum often.
  4. Wash your pet’s bedding often.
  5. Seal cracks around your foundations and on the exterior of your home.
  6. Make sure screens on windows and doors are in good repair.
  7. Use plastic storage containers instead of cardboard.
  8. Eliminate any sources of standing water.
  9. Keep tree branches and plants cut back from your home.
  10. Store firewood away from the home.
  11. Don’t leave pet food out overnight.
  12. Turn your porch lights off at night.
  13. Dust regularly and remove cobwebs when you find them.
  14. Inspect luggage and other containers before bringing them into your home.