Cooler weather brings with it the onset of overwintering pests in your home. Overwintering pests are those whose activities allow them to survive the cold temperatures.  Animals overwinter by finding a warm place to call home, in many cases inside your home.  Pests will enter structures, mulch, leaves or soil to protect themselves from the low temperatures. Common overwintering pests are rodents, spiders, and cockroaches. These pests aren’t only a nuisance to have in your home but they can also cause significant property damage, as well as pose risks to your health. So how can you keep these pests out of your home? Check out these tips on how to prevent overwintering pests.

    • Inspect the exterior of your home for cracks and holes. Seal them to keep pests from easily accessing your home.
    • Replace any loose mortar around foundations and weatherstripping around windows and doors. Repair or replace any damaged screens.
    • Eliminate moisture by repairing leaky faucets and clearing clogged drains.
    • Keep gutters clear of debris before the weather gets too cold. Consider installing gutter guards to eliminate the need to clean gutters.
    • Keep attics, basements, and crawlspaces dry and well ventilated. Consider enclosing your crawlspace.
    • Keep storage areas like basements, attics, and garages well organized. Use plastic storage containers rather than cardboard and store them off the floor.
    • Screen your chimney vents.

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  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home and elevate it off the ground.
  • Keep food, including pet food, in airtight containers and clean up crumbs and spills immediately.
  • Call a professional pest control company to provide you with a thorough home inspection and set you up with a comprehensive treatment and prevention plan.