As the new year approaches it’s time to start thinking about resolutions for the upcoming year. Will you try to save more money? Will you try to manage your stress better? One thing we don’t often think about as a New Year’s resolution is pest-proofing. Pest-proofing your home now can help you with your other resolutions like saving money and lowering your stress level. Check out these tips to pest-proof your home this year.

  1. Seal Gaps. Inspect the exterior walls of your home for cracks and gaps and seal them with caulk. Install door sweeps and screens and make sure they are in good repair.
  2. Keep It Clean. Clean your kitchen after each meal. Clean up spills and crumbs immediately. Store your food and pet food in airtight containers. Sweep, dust, and vacuum regularly. Dispose of garbage regularly in cans with lids.
  3. Don’t Forget Outside. Get rid of dead bushes and branches. Rake up all your leaves. Trim bushes and branches back so they aren’t touching the sides of your home. Clean your gutters or consider installing gutter guards to prevent clogs.
  4. Eliminate Moisture. Check your home for leaks and repair them immediately. Consider enclosing your crawlspace to prevent moisture from getting under your home.
  5. Clear The Clutter. Start your spring cleaning early. Go through each room and sweep, mop, vacuum, dust and get rid of anything that you don’t need or use anymore.
  6. Move Your Firewood. Firewood should be elevated off the ground and stored at least 20 feet away from your home. Shake off any logs before bringing them into your home.
  7. Put The Decorations Away. Store holiday decorations in plastic containers with lids rather than in cardboard boxes. Get rid of any items you no longer use or that are broken or worn out.
  8. Call A Professional. If you suspect you have a pest problem or need help with your pest-proofing goals, contact a professional pest control company who can assist you with your needs.