If you find yourself in need of a termite inspection, it’s usually for 2 reasons: you have an active termite infestation and/or termite damage OR you’re in the process of selling your home.

So you may be wondering, how much is this termite inspection going to cost you? Here’s what to expect:

If you have termites and/or termite damage:

If you see signs of active termites or termite damage, you should contact a local exterminator and request a termite inspection. These types of termite inspections are usually free. The exterminator will then provide you with termite treatment options, even if no termite activity is found. Since termite damage isn’t covered by homeowners insurance, it’s a good idea to protect your investment from termites by securing a termite warranty with a licensed, bonded and insured pest control company. Termite warranties are usually included with most types of termite treatments.

If you’re selling your home:

Termite inspections and Wood Infestation Reports are usually required during most real estate transactions and typically the responsibility of the seller (or seller’s agent). These are NOT included in a general home inspection. The fee for this inspection and report generally ranges from $45 to over $100 if the house is free and clear of termites. This fee is sometimes waived if active or previous termite activity is found and the property will require a termite treatment.