The National Pest Control Association estimates that Americans spent over $3 billion on pest control and extermination services last year. Here’s why:


Pests carry harmful diseases and bacteria that can expose your family and pets to illness. Eliminating these pests quickly can help minimize exposure and protect your family’s health and well-being in the long run. To further improve the health of your home, consider green pest control options that utilize products derived from flowers, plants, and natural earth elements rather than harsh chemicals.


Pest control companies have the training, education, and expertise to handle many different types of pests. They know the safe and proper methods to identify, prevent, and eliminate each of these different pests, as well as where and how often to utilize them, including integrated pest management (IPM) techniques. They also have access to the most cutting edge technology, as well as products and treatments that may not be available to consumers.


Routine pest control includes a survey and pest control inspection inside and outside your home to identify the source of your current pest problem, and also determine any pest issues you may not know about yet or any issues that have the potential to become future problems. Based on the inspection, your exterminator can provide you with a customized pest control program using the most innovative and advanced products and equipment, that includes the inspection and plan, along with pest identification, ongoing perimeter protection, and continuous communication to help prevent problems in the future.


Professional pest control usually requires an initial investment and then monthly or quarterly rates thereafter. The cost depends on your specific pest issue, size of your home and property, type of service (i.e. traditional vs green) and frequency of service, among other things.