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Builder Services

Residential & Commercial Pretreats

Our New Construction Team is dedicated to providing superior services to the Builder Market. We know how important time is to a builder and that time is money! That’s why we have a team in place that is specifically dedicated to your needs by providing:

Pretreat Options

green pest control chattanooga

NorPest GreenGuard is a one of a kind program, specific to Jody Millard Pest Control, that provides both termite and pest protection for the homeowner.  NorPest GreenGuard combines our GREEN termite treatment AND the initial pest control treatment of NorPest Green.  With no extra charge to the builder, it offers money savings and peace of mind to the homeowner!  After the first year, it is easy for the homeowner to renew their termite protection.  Homeowners can also call to continue their quarterly pest services with Jody Millard Pest Control.

sentricon always active termite control

The Sentricon System is the most environmentally friendly treatment option available to eliminate and prevent termites.  Compared to liquid termite treatments that require large amounts of product application, baiting systems use only a few grams of active ingredient when and where needed.  The Sentricon System protects a structure from the entire termite colony, not just the individual termite.  Sentricon baiting systems are installed every 10 feet around the perimeter of a structure.  The 1st year of their Lifetime Repair and Retreat Warranty is provided by you, the builder.

liquid soil termite treatment

Liquid soil treatments are applied to the soil prior to the plastic being put down and the slab  being poured.  After the closing, perimeter trench and treatment will be performed.  Our liquid soil termite treatments use the most innovative products on the market.  This treatment uses the new generation of termiticides, known as nonrepellents, which are undetectable by termites. Therefore, they come in contact with, ingest, and share the termiticide with their colony. The method of application for this type of termite treatment differs based on the structure being treated.

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