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  • bed bug prevention
Bed bugs are most commonly transported by travelers. They are notorious for hitching a ride on luggage by unsuspecting people. So what can you do to prevent picking up these nasty hitchhikers while you are traveling? Here’s what you need...
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  • Bed bug control
Most people associate bed bugs with hotel rooms and traveling. While they are commonly picked up while traveling, you can still have bed bugs in your home without ever actually leaving the house. Bed bugs are known hitchhikers and can...
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  • Bed Bug Registry
As more and more travelers take off for Spring Break, the number of bed bug infestations will go up, as well. Bed bugs are known travelers and will hitch a ride on our clothes, luggage, and briefcases. Once bed bugs...
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  • Bed Bug Prevention
The holiday season is the busiest travel season of the year. Airports, train stations, and bus stations are teeming with people. While many people look forward to traveling to visit with loved ones, there is another danger lurking out of...
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  • two red passports with blue plane tickets inside of them and a small white toy airplane sitting on top
These pests really get around! Here’s what you should be on the lookout for while taking summer vacations, visiting relatives, or when students return home from college, and tips on how to prevent these unwanted guests: Bed Bugs Usually come...
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  • bed bug control Chattanooga
With schools back in session, it’s important to know how to protect your home from a potential bed bug infestation. Bed bugs thrive in heavily populated areas, like classrooms¬†and college dorms, and are excellent hitchhikers. The National Pest Management Association...
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  • bed bug control chattanooga
Bed Bugs are blood-suckers commonly found in motels, hostels or boarding houses where itinerant travelers stay overnight. Bed bugs are often found in buildings used to store second-hand furniture or clothing. How do Bed Bugs get into beds? Bed bugs...
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