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  • New Year's Pest Proofing
As the new year approaches it’s time to start thinking about resolutions for the upcoming year. Will you try to save more money? Will you try to manage your stress better? One thing we don’t often think about as a...
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  • Winter Pest Prevention
Winter brings with it cold temperatures and harsh weather. You may also notice that most pests seem to disappear when the season changes. But where do they go? Do they really just disappear and then reappear in the spring? Pests...
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  • Overwintering Pests
Cooler weather brings with it the onset of overwintering pests in your home. Overwintering pests are those whose activities allow them to survive the cold temperatures.  Animals overwinter by finding a warm place to call home, in many cases inside your...
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  • Fall pest prevention
Different seasons bring a new onslaught of pests trying to invade your home. As the season changes from the heat of summer to the cooler weather of fall, many pests seek shelter, warmth, and food inside our homes. Rodents, cockroaches,...
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  • Fall Mosquito Prevention
Temperatures are cooling off and the battle lines have been drawn – humans on one side and mosquitoes on the other! It’s time to prepare for the last fight of mosquito season. That’s right – just because fall has arrived...
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  • Fall Pest Prevention
As the weather changes from the warmth of summer to the cooler temperatures of fall, many pests will start making their way inside your home in search of food, shelter, and warmth. These overwintering pests can wreak havoc in your...
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  • Stored Product Pest Prevention
If you keep finding the same pest over and over again in your home, there is a good possibility you may have an infestation of a stored product pest. Stored product pests are those found in food and fabric products...
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  • Head Lice Treatment
Did you know that head lice is the 2nd biggest cause of absenteeism in elementary school children? In fact, over 12 million kids get head lice each year. August and September are the busiest months for head lice. Some schools...
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  • Travel Pest Prevention
School’s out for summer and many of us are getting ready for our summer vacation. Summer is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical paradise or taking a long weekend in...
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  • Summer Ant Prevention
Summer brings scorching heat, longer daylight hours, and more time spent outside. It also brings on one of the biggest nuisances of the season – ants! Ants can be incredibly difficult to get rid of so prevention is the key....
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