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Posts filed under: Pest Control

  • Rodent Control
Let’s face it – the last thing anyone wants to deal with is rodents in the house. Whether it’s a rat or a mouse, either can pose a significant threat to both your health and the structural integrity of your...
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  • DIY vs professional pest control
When you have a pest problem in your home, your main concern is getting rid of it quickly, safely, and permanently. Should you try and take care of it yourself or hire someone to do it? Lots of factors go...
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  • German cockroach
One of the most common species of cockroach in the world is the German cockroach. German roaches can be found anywhere humans are found. Find out what you should know about German cockroaches, as well as how to prevent them....
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  • Summer Pests
Summer brings warm weather, sunshine, and lots of time outdoors. Unfortunately it also brings a whole lot of pests. Several species breed and grow during the summer months, putting a damper on your outdoor fun and causing damage to both...
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  • Roach prevention
Let’s face it – seeing a cockroach in your house is the last thing you want to deal with. They pose health risks for humans by triggering allergies and asthma and spreading bacteria and germs. Roaches are hard to get...
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  • Granddaddy Long Legs
We’ve all seen them – tiny round bodies and long, long legs – the granddaddy long legs, also known as the daddy long legs, harvestman, and harvest spider. These creatures are found on every continent in the world except Antarctica....
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  • love bugs
If you live in the south, odds are you’ve encountered those strange red and black bugs that seem to be attached at the hip. What are they and why are they always in pairs? The love bug, AKA the honeymoon...
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  • prevent pantry pests
As we’re finding ourselves spending more time at home and stocking up on supplies such as food, toiletries, and more, we could be providing stored product pests or “pantry pests” with a supply of their own. Here are a few...
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  • mouse vs rat
Spring rains can bring a boatload of pests into your home… including rodents. But how do you know what kind of rodent you are dealing with? Can you tell the difference between mouse vs rat? There are three main rodent...
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  • pest control
The pest control industry has its fair share of myths associated with it. While some of them are based partly on facts, some of them are outright false and outrageous. Here are 10 of the most common pest control myths...
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