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Posts tagged with: winter pests

  • Mole prevention
Contrary to popular belief, moles do not hibernate in the winter. In fact, they are active throughout the season, eating everything they can find and causing significant damage to your yard. Because winter conditions and a lack of time spent...
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  • Roach Control
Cockroaches are known to thrive in warmer weather. So what happens to cockroaches in winter? Do they die off? Do they hibernate? Well, that depends. Most species of cockroaches will stop growing and reproducing once exposed to temperatures below 45...
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  • Winter Pest Prevention
Winter brings with it cold temperatures and harsh weather. You may also notice that most pests seem to disappear when the season changes. But where do they go? Do they really just disappear and then reappear in the spring? Pests...
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  • Overwintering Pests
Cooler weather brings with it the onset of overwintering pests in your home. Overwintering pests are those whose activities allow them to survive the cold temperatures.  Animals overwinter by finding a warm place to call home, in many cases inside your...
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  • Ladybird sitting on grass in the meadow.
One of the most common winter pests that come into our homes is the ladybug. While most people don’t think of them as harmful, ladybugs can exacerbate asthma symptoms and also cause allergic reactions. They also leave behind a yellow,...
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  • attic tap insulation before and after
Are you tired of your utility bills going up in the winter months? Have you noticed more pests or wildlife coming into your home as the weather cools off ? Are you looking for more ways to make your home more green?...
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  • A squirrel eating nuts in the snow in winter forest
When the weather cools off and winter sets in, most animals hibernate until spring. Unfortunately for us, there are several pests that don’t hibernate – and instead make their way into our homes in search of shelter, food, water, and...
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  • prevent winter pests chattanooga
Unfortunately, bugs are a year-round nuisance. When the cool, fall temperatures turn cold, certain pests seek warmth, shelter, or food indoors – like ladybugs, box elders, stink bugs, caterpillars, moths, flies, crickets, rodents, and other wildlife like squirrels and raccoons. Before the...
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