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Bird Control Services

Jody Millard Pest Control’s Wildlife Services Team specializes in effective bird control solutions, when infesting homes & businesses by nesting in or on structures. Not only are birds nuisances, they pose health risks by spreading disease and can cause significant damage to flooring, vehicles, rooftops, and more.

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Trapping methods are useful when birds are nesting inside structures. Our Bird Control team will identify areas of habitation and set traps as needed to catch and eliminate the bird nuisances.

Removing birds’ nests will discourage them from returning to your property and causing damage, and help to get rid of any issues related to bird mites.

Prevention is key to successful bird control. Our Bird Control team uses a variety of exclusion methods, depending on the property, to deter birds from landing on, defacing, or inhabiting structures.

Our Bird Control team uses a variety of deterrents and deterrent systems to get rid of birds and prevent birds, such as humane bird spikes, shock systems, and bird netting.

Bird Damage

Birds can cause significant damage to roofs from acidic bird droppings, which can cause certain roofing materials to deteriorate. The more droppings that accumulate, the more damage they will cause, such as roof leaks. Birds also cause roof damage by building nests on roofs, in gutters, or around drains, blocking drainage systems & causing roof collapses.

Acidic bird droppings can cause significant damage to equipment and machinery, such as heating & air conditioning equipment, industrial machinery, siding, and insulation. This also poses health risks for people, if workers are exposed to the droppings while working on or around the equipment and machinery.

Most bird droppings, especially pigeon droppings, will fade and damage paint finishes on vehicles by actually eating into the protective coating and the paint itself. As with buildings and other surfaces, the longer the droppings are allowed to sit on the paint and accumulate, the more damage the bird droppings will cause.

Birds’ nests can be very flammable since they’re constructed of straw, twigs and dried droppings. When birds build their nests inside electric signs or other machinery there is a great risk of fire. Bird nests built in chimneys and ventilation systems can also spread diseases and block airflow.

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